It Begins

And so it begins.

A journal, of a sort.

A diary, like the kind explorers used to keep as they sailed in search of new lands. A blog to document thoughts and experiences as I attempt to find a seemingly secret and arcane world that I’ve dreamed about since I was a boy. This first post is made as we leave safe harbor, a limp wind at our back, loud gulls overhead looking for a free meal, the wide open unknown ahead of us in all its potential.

I’ve been a closet writer for most of my life. Think of this as my outing myself to the world.

As I work on finishing the third novel in a series that perhaps no one other than my wife will ever see, with further ideas and outlines incrementally filling up my last generation hard drive, I thought that the time was ripe to start a blog. It’s cheaper than therapy, after all. And maybe one day, like that unnamed explorer’s first day at sea with pen and parchment in hand, my humble efforts will not be wasted. History is a tough old dog, and he’ll be the judge.

So here it is.

There may be some personal stuff that finds its way in here, from time to time. Perhaps there will be a few of you who find some interest in following my journey. Who knows, maybe-just maybe-if i beat the odds and find the promised land, then you can say you knew me when.